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Swedish: begiven på

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addicted for English

Swedishbegiven på

addicted to English

Swedishgalna i

addicted to Swedish

Englishgalna i

addicted English


adductor Latin


addiction English

Swedishmissbruk, begivenhet, beroende

attached to English

Swedishfäst vid, som sitter fast på

addict English

Swedishnarkotikaslav, beroende, missbrukare, missbukare

addictive English

Swedishberoendeframkallande, vanebildande

addicting English


adicto a Spanish

Swedishberoende av

addict Swedish


a dictionary English

Swedishett lexikon

adds to English

Swedishger lite extra till

adecuado Spanish

Swedishpassande, lämplig

adjudicateur French


ad hoc odbor Slovenian

Czechdočasný výbor
Danishad hoc-udvalg
Dutchcommissie ad hoc
Englishad hoc committee
Finnishtilapäinen komitea
Frenchcommission ad hoc
Greekεπιτρoπή ad hoc
Hungarianeseti bizottság
Italiancommissione ad hoc
Latvianad hoc komiteja
Polishkomisja ad hoc
Portuguesecomissão eventual
Spanishcomisión ad hoc
Swedishad hoc-kommitté