Terms of Service

It is not allowed to use Spellic.com in any way that is 1) violating Swedish Law, or 2) has criminal purpose or intent. Any violation can be reported to the police. This means, among other things, that you are not allowed to; upload or otherwise make available material that you are not the copyright holder of or have received permission from the copyright holder. You are not allowed to upload or otherwise make available material that can be offending or insulting. You as a user are solely responsible for the material that you upload or otherwise make available; Spellic.com does not take any responsibility of the contents in any exercises or other information you submit.

It is not allowed to use Spellic.com with commercial purpose without our written consent. All programatic or automated access and/or use of Spellic.com requires our consent. It is not allowed to use Spellic.com in any way that overloads the service or otherwise impacts the use of the service for other users.

Users shall exercise good judgment, and for example may not annoy other users on the site with messages or otherwise publish annoying content on the page.


Spellic.com cannot guarantee 100% availability of the service, and hereby abdicates from all direct and indirect costs that might be caused by the service not being available. Users that cannot use the service due to disturbances or other reasons will not be compensated.


Spellic.com is partly financed by ads through external suppliers such as Google Adsense. It is not allowed to advertise on Spellic.com without our written consent.

Removal of content

Spellic.com may remove or modify any content on Spellic.com or the service without any prior notice.

Under 18 years?

If you are a minor or under 18 years of age, you are required to have permission of your parent(s) or guardian in order to become a member or otherwise use this service.

Logging and tracking

We log IP-addresses and other information in order to be able to track and prohibit disallowed use of the service. This information will not be shared by us to anyone with two exceptions; if forced to do so in order to comply with the Swedish Law, for example by assisting the police in criminal investigations, or if the information is anonymized in such a way that it cannot be connected to any individual user accounts or persons.

Updated Terms of Service

These Terms of service are subject to change by the sole discretion of Spellic.com at an time. If this happens, it will be announced on Spellic.com at least 30 days before they take effect. By continuing to use the service after the changes take effect, you are considered to accept the new Terms of Service.


Violating any of these terms may result in removal of your account and/or have your content on this site removed.