alldeles ovetande

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German: ahnungslos

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alldeles ovetande Swedish


alldeles brevid Swedish

Englishnext to

alldeles vid Swedish

Englishright by

alldeles tyst Swedish

Englishever so softy
Germanganz still

alldeles ensam Swedish

Englishall alone, all by himself, all by herself
Germanganz allein

alldeles extra Swedish


alldeles blek Swedish

Germanganz blass

alldeles ny Swedish

Englishbrand new

alldeles nära Swedish

Germanganz nahe

alldeles intill Swedish

Englishon our doorstep

alldeles utanför Swedish

Englishjust outside

alldeles strax Swedish

Englishin just a minute

alldeles vått Swedish

Englishall wet

alldeles galen Swedish