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Swedish: så bra som, lika bra som

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as good as English

Swedishså bra som, lika bra som

as god as English

Swedishså bra som

a good cause English

Swedishen god sak

as good as new English

Swedishså gott som ny

as tough as English

Swedishlika hård som

as good as gold English

Swedishgod som guld

as it is English

Swedishsom det är

a good catch English

Swedishett bra kap

a good cook English

Swedishbra på att laga mat

act as English

Swedishtjäna som, tjänstgöra som

as though English

Swedishsom om

as it stops Swedish

Englishnär den stannar

ascites Latin


agioteuse French

Swedishbörsspekulant, börsjobbare

agiotage French

Swedishspekulation, börsspekulation

as its head English

Swedishvid huvudet

a good company English

Swedishtrevlig att vara med

asiatiska Swedish


assits English


assiduous English

Swedishoförtruten, ihärdig

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