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English: repair, wend, head, French: se rendre, s'acheminer, aller, s'en aller, Spanish: marchar, dirigirse, Latin: contendere, contendi

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bege sig Swedish

Englishrepair, wend, head
Frenchse rendre, s'acheminer, aller, s'en aller
Latincontendere, contendi
Spanishmarchar, dirigirse

buga sig Swedish

Englishkowtow, bow

bege sig av Swedish

Englishhead out

böja sig Swedish

Englishknuckle, buckle, stoop, bend, bend down

bege sig till Swedish

Englishhead for, make one's way to
Frenchse rendre à

bagages French

Swedishbagage, väskor

bege sig norrut Swedish

Englishhead up north, head north

bisisesto Spanish


bocazas Spanish

Swedishgaphals, pratkvarn