broken glass

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Swedish: glasbitar

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broken glass English


broken leg English

Swedishbrutet ben

broken home Swedish

Englishsplittrat hem

broken home English

Swedishsplittrad familj

broken up English


broken into English

Swedishbrutit sig in hos

broken my arm English

Swedishbrutit armen

broken English

Germangebrochen, kaputt, zerbrochen
Swedishtrasig, brutet, trasigt, bruten, brutit, söndrig, slagit sönder, har brytit, sönder, trasiga

broken-down English

Swedishtrasig, avsigkommen

broke into English

Swedishbröt sig in, bröt sig in i

broken in two English

Swedishkluven i två delar

broke my arm English

Swedishbröt armen

broke in two English

Swedishbröt i två, bröt itu

broken-hearted English