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Swedish: handskas med, ta itu med, ta befattning med, ta hand om, hantera

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deal with English

Swedishhandskas med, ta itu med, ta befattning med, ta hand om, hantera

deal whit English

Swedishha att göra med

delito Spanish


dealt English

Swedishhandlade, handlat

dela ut Swedish

Englishdeliver, dish out, hand out, allot, deal, distribute, dole out, share out, confer, administer, issue

delati Slovenian

Swedishgöra, att göra

du lait French


dialetto Italian


delete English

Germanausstreichen, löschen, tilgen
Swedishutradera, radera

delta Swedish

Englishparticipate, take part, attend, be present, join in, partake
Germanmitmachen, teilnehmen, teilnehemen
Spanishparticipar, asistir

delate Slovenian

Swedishni gör

delat Swedish


dalt Swedish


dilate English

Swedishutvidga, utvidga sig

delta i Swedish

Englishattend, take part in, participate in, share in
Frenchparticiper à
Germanteilnehmen an

delade Swedish

Englishsplit, sliced, separated, seperated

die Alte German

Swedishchefen, bossen, morsan, frugan

delayed English

Germanverzögert, verzögerte
Swedishförsenad, försenat

dole out English

Swedishdela ut

delad Swedish

Englishsliced, forked, split

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