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English: there are, there is, there's, es gibt, German: es gibt, French: il y a, Spanish: hay, haya, Italian: ci sono, si trova, c'è, Russian: есть, Bulgarian: има

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det finns Swedish

Englishthere are, there is, there's, es gibt
Frenchil y a
Germanes gibt
Italianci sono, si trova, c'è
Spanishhay, haya

det finnes Norwegian

Germanes gibt

det fins Norwegian

Germanes gibt

det fanns Swedish

Englishthere was, there were
Germanes gab

det finns en Swedish

Englishthere is

det funkar Swedish

Frenchca marche

det finns inga Swedish

Spanishno hay

det finns inte Swedish


de tvinnar Swedish

Russianони вьют

databanks English


det fungerar Swedish

Englishit works
Frenchca marche, ça marche

det vanliga Swedish

Spanishlo de siempre

det finns flera Swedish

Englishthere are

databank Swedish

Frenchbanque de données

deadpan English

Swedishpoker ansikte, uttryckslös

det finns någon Swedish

Englishthere is someone
Frenchil y a quelqu'un
Germanes gibt jemand der

det finns massor Swedish

Englishthere's plenty