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English: the letter

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det senare Swedish

Englishthe letter

det senaste Swedish

Englishthe past

det snöar Swedish

Englishit is snowing, it's snowing
Frenchil neige, la neige
Germanes schneit
Spanishllueve, nieva

dead centre English

Swedishmitt i prick, helt rakt

det syns Swedish

Englishit shows

det kunde Swedish


det som Swedish

Spanishlo que, lo que cuenta

Det snöar Swedish

EnglishIt's snowing

det kan Swedish


de tecknar Swedish

Russianони рисуют

detsamma Swedish

Englishsame to you
Estonianseesama, sellesama

d-utseende Swedish


det knackar Swedish

Englishthere is a knock
Germanes klopft

det sämsta Swedish

Englishthe worst
Spanishlo peor

det som mest Swedish

Spanishlo que mas, lo que màs, lo que más

det kommer Swedish

Germanes kommt

det konstiga Swedish

Englishthe funny thing, the strange thing

Deutschemark German

EnglishGerman Mark

Dutzend German


det konstiga English

Swedishthe strange thing

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