did you hear

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Swedish: hörde ni

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did you hear English

Swedishhörde ni

Did you hear? English

SwedishHörde ni?

de du har Swedish

Englishthe ones you have

die Dauer German


die Truhe German

Swedishkistan, skrinet, lådan

det har Swedish

Englishit has
Germanes hat

du heter Swedish

Germandu heißt, du heisst
Italianti chiami
Spanishte llamas, te iiamas

du tar Swedish

Frenchtu prends
Germandu nimmst

dither English

Swedishvela, vackla, tveka

dyed hair English

Spanishpelo teñido
Swedishfärgat hår

dye the hair English

Swedishfärga håret

didder English

Swedishskaka, darra, skälva

det har German

Swedishes hat

die Tore German


die Ader German

Swedishådern, ådran, nerven

die Täter German