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Spanish: un pie

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en fot Swedish

Spanishun pie

en fait French

Swedishfaktsikt, faktiskt

en bod Swedish


en bit Swedish

Englisha piece, a pice
Germanein Stuck
Italianun pezzo

en effet French


en båt Swedish

Frenchun bateau

en moped Swedish

Frenchune mobylette

en aften Danish

Swedishen kväll

enfödd Swedish


en voiture French

Swedishmed bil, med bild

en botella Spanish

Swedishpå flaska

empty English

Swedishtömma, tom, tomt, ledig, tomma

embed English


en mopped Swedish

Spanishuna moto

en potatis Swedish

Frenchune pomme de terre
Spanishuna patata, un patata

en fotograf Swedish

Frenchun photographe
Germaneine Fotografin

enpitsu Japanese


en av dem Swedish

Spanishuno de ellos

en hovtång Swedish

Englisha pair of pincers

En pidä Finnish

Germanich mag nicht

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