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English: a lot of fun

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en massa kul Swedish

Englisha lot of fun

en massa saker Swedish

Englishlots of stuff

en casa de Spanish

Swedishhemma hos

en massa strunt Swedish

Englisha load of rubbish

en kassör Swedish

Italianun cassiere

en kastrull Swedish

Frenchune casserole

en casa Spanish


en massa stålar Swedish

Englishheavy dough

en sak Swedish

Frenchune chose, un truc
Germaneine Sache
Italianuna cosa
Spanishuna cosa

en kossa Swedish

Frenchune vache

en sak till Swedish

Englishone more thing

en kista Swedish

Lule Samigissto

en kyss Swedish

Italianun bacio

en Coca Cola Swedish

Germaneine Cola

en sek Swedish

Danishet sekund

en sekund Swedish

Spanishun segundo

en cykel Swedish

Frenchun vélo
Spanishuna bicicleta

ensak Swedish

Englishmy affair

en skog Swedish

Frenchune forêt
Spanishun bosque

en sax Swedish

Englisha pair of scissors
Spanishunas tijeras

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