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German: ein Junge, French: un garcon, Spanish: un chico, Italian: un ragazzo

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en pojke Swedish

Frenchun garcon
Germanein Junge
Italianun ragazzo
Spanishun chico

en bok Swedish

Englisha book
Frenchun livre
Spanishun libro

en pause Danish

Englisha break

en paj Swedish

Frenchune tarte

en påse Swedish

Englisha bag of
Germaneine Tüte

en basker Swedish

Frenchun béret

enbuske Swedish

Lule Samigaskas

en vecka Swedish

Danishen uge
Englisha week, one week
Spanishuna semana

en ficka Swedish

Lule Samisålbbe

en pizza Swedish

Frenchune pizza

en face French

Swedishmitt emot, mittemot

en fisk Swedish

Frenchun poisson
Spanishun pez, un pescado

en bois French

Germanaus Holz
Swedishav trä

en vej Danish


einpacken German

Swedishslå in

empujar Spanish

Swedishtrycka ner, knuffa

en bas de French


envisage English

Swedishföreställa, tänka sig, föreställa sig

en bäck Swedish

Lule Samijåhkå

en bas French


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