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French: une valise, Spanish: una mochila, Danish: en taske, Lule Sami: vässko

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en väska Swedish

Danishen taske
Frenchune valise
Lule Samivässko
Spanishuna mochila

en vecka Swedish

Danishen uge
Englisha week, one week
Spanishuna semana

en väg Swedish

Englisha road
Frenchun chemin

en bäck Swedish

Lule Samijåhkå

en vägg Swedish

Frenchun mur

en våg Swedish

Englisha pair of scales

en påse Swedish

Englisha bag of
Germaneine Tüte

envägs- Swedish


en bäbis Swedish

Englishone baby

en ficka Swedish

Lule Samisålbbe

en fisk Swedish

Frenchun poisson
Spanishun pez, un pescado

envist Swedish

Englishdoggedly, stubbornly

en vagn Swedish


en byxa Swedish

Frenchun pantalon

en fjäril Swedish

Frenchun papillon
Spanishuna mariposa

en buss Swedish

Frenchun autobus
Spanishun autobus, un autobús

en fest Swedish

Frenchune fête
Germaneine Party
Spanishuna fiesta

en bok Swedish

Englisha book
Frenchun livre
Spanishun libro

enbuske Swedish

Lule Samigaskas

en bas French


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