en vindruva

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French: un raisin, Spanish: una uva

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en vindruva Swedish

Frenchun raisin
Spanishuna uva

en vinter Danish

Swedishen vinter

en pina Swedish

Englisha pain in the neck

en vinter Swedish

Danishen vinter

en väninna Swedish


en bonde Swedish

Frenchun paysan, un agriculteur

en fin French


en bandolera Spanish

Swedishtvärs över axeln

en fin Spanish


en fiende Swedish

Frenchun ennemi

en penna Swedish

Spanishun lápiz

en pincett Swedish

Englisha pair of tweezers

en fontän Swedish

Frenchune fontaine
Spanishuna fuente

einbauen German


en banan Swedish

Frenchune banane

en bank Swedish

Frenchune banque
Italianuna banca

en avion French

Swedishmed flyg

enfin French

Swedishäntligen, slutligen, slutligen äntligen, till slut

en panne French


empfinden German

Swedishuppleva, känna

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