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English: extaordinary, outstanding, unique, supreme, extraordinary, exquisite, German: einzigartig, French: extraordinarie, extraordinaire, Latin: praeclarus, praeclarum, praeclara

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enastående Swedish

Englishextaordinary, outstanding, unique, supreme, extraordinary, exquisite
Frenchextraordinarie, extraordinaire
Latinpraeclarus, praeclarum, praeclara

en stege Swedish

Lule Samiájdaris

en stund Swedish

Englisha while, a white, awhile, for a while
Frenchun moment
Germaneine Weile
Spanishun momento

en stund Norwegian


en studerande Swedish

Frenchun étudant

en student Swedish

Spanishun estudiante

en Suède French

Swedishi Sverige

en stämning Swedish

Frenchune ambiance

enstämmig Swedish


enstöring Swedish


enast Swedish


en stövel Swedish

Spanishuna bota

en strid Swedish

Spanishuna lucha

en sådan Swedish

Englishsuch a
Germanso eine

einstufen German


eneste Norwegian


en stor del Swedish

Spanishbuena parte

en stad Swedish

Englishone city
Frenchune ville
Germaneine Stadt
Spanishuna ciudad

en stjärna Swedish

Frenchune étoile
Lule Saminásste

en sked Swedish

Lule Samibassti
Spanishuna cuchara

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