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Swedish: orimlig, omåttlig, oerhörd, skandalös, i största laget

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exorbitant English

Swedishorimlig, omåttlig, oerhörd, skandalös, i största laget

escriben Spanish

Swedishde skriver

es arbeitet German

Swedishden arbetar

excerpted English


excerpts English


escarpment English

Swedishbrant, sluttning, brant sluttning

excerpt English


escribo Spanish

Swedishjag skriver

escribe Spanish

Swedishskriv, skriver, han skriver, hon skriver

escribir Spanish

Swedishatt skriva, skriva

escribeme Spanish

Swedishskriv till mig

escribes Spanish

Swedishdu skriver

escribimos Spanish

Swedishvi skriver

escribis Spanish

Swedishni skriver