flyktig person

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English: fickle

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flyktig person Swedish


flyktig blick Swedish


flyktingbarn Swedish

Englishrefugee child

flyktingar Swedish

Englishrefugees, fugitives

flyktig Swedish

Englishelusive, volatile, transient, ephemeral, fleeting, fickle, casual, deciduous

felaktig vara Swedish

Czechvadný výrobek
Danishmangelfuldt produkt
Dutchgebrekkig product
Englishdefective product
Finnishvirheellinen tuote
Frenchproduit défectueux
Germanmangelhaftes Produkt
Greekελαττωματικό πρoϊόv
Hungarianhibás termék
Italianprodotto difettoso
Latvianbojāts produkts
Polishprodukt wybrakowany
Portugueseproduto defeituoso
Slovenianizdelek z napako
Spanishproducto defectuoso

flyktigt Swedish