ganz frich

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Swedish: alldeles färsk

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ganz frich German

Swedishalldeles färsk

ganz frisch German

Swedishalldeles färsk

ganz früh German

Swedishrätt tidigt, mycket tidigt

ganz flach German


ganz blass German

Swedishalldeles blek

gang up English

Swedishgadda ihop sig

ganska bra Swedish

Englishfairly well, pretty good, decent
Finnishmelko hyvää
Frenchpas mal
Germanganz gut
Spanishbastante bien
Swedishinte oäven

gungfly Swedish

Englishunsecure ground, hag, quagmire

gensvar Swedish


gingivit Swedish


going back English

Swedishåka tillbaka

gangplank English


gingiva Latin