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English: feed, fed

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ge mat Swedish

Englishfeed, fed

go mad English

Swedishbli tokig, bli galen, blå galen

gymmet Swedish

Germandas Fitnessstudio

gå mot Swedish

Englishhead for

gömt Swedish


gymet Swedish

Germandas Fitnesstudio

geniet Swedish

Germandas Genie

gnat English

Swedishmygga, knott

gamut English


gnat Swedish


gnaw at English

Swedishgnaga på

gaint English

Swedishenorm, gigantisk, jätte

gente Spanish


gannet English


gummed English


gaunt English

Swedishutmärglad, mager, avtärd, knotig, tanig, spöklik

gehend German

Englishgoing, walking

gewohnt German


giant English

Swedishjättelik, enorm, jätte, jättestor, gigantisk, stor, jätte-, gigant

Gemüt German

Englishheart, spirit

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