ge sig iväg

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English: set out, be off, set off, go off, leave, move out, French: partir, plier bagage, s'en aller, Spanish: partir, irse, Danish: stikke af

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ge sig iväg Swedish

Danishstikke af
Englishset out, be off, set off, go off, leave, move out
Frenchpartir, plier bagage, s'en aller
Spanishpartir, irse

ge sig i väg Swedish

Englishset off

ge sig av Swedish

Englishset out, depart, leave, set off, move off
Frenchpartir, plier bagage
Germanabdampfen, abziehen
Spanishdirigirse, irse

ge sig på Swedish

Englishassault, tackle, mess with, pick on

ge sig аv Swedish


ge sig på Swedish

Englishturn on

ge sig iväg till Swedish

Englishgo off to, head to

ge sig iväg igen Swedish

Frenchrepartir, ressortir

ge sej på Swedish

Englishassault, attack