get cold

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Swedish: kallna, frysa

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get cold English

Swedishkallna, frysa

get closer English

Swedishkomma närmare

godchild English


god jul Swedish

EnglishMerry Christmas

God jul! Swedish

EnglishA Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!
FrenchJoyeux noël!
Spanish¡Feliz navidad!

gödsel Swedish

Englishmanure, fertilizer, muck

godtycklig Swedish

Englisharbitrary, capricious

gödsla Swedish

Englishmanure, fertilized

God Jul Swedish

ItalianBuon Natale

gatuskylt Swedish

Englishstreet sign

godtyckligt Swedish


gudskelov Swedish


go to school English

Swedishgå i skola, gå i skolan, gå till skolan

get to school English

Swedishkomma till skolan

gut gelaunt German

Swedishpå gott humör