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Spanish: balasto, balastro

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grusbädd Swedish

Spanishbalasto, balastro

grusväg Swedish

Englishdirt road, gravelled drive, a gravelled drive

grasped English

Swedishgrep, höll, begrep

grasp English

Swedishförstå, fatta, greppa, begripa, gripa tag i, greppa tag i, ta tag i, räckhåll, få tag i, gripa, fatta tag i

grasping English


gräshoppa Swedish

Englishlocust, grasshopper

girigbuk Swedish


grisfötter Swedish


gråsparv Swedish

Englishhouse sparrow

garageband Swedish

Englishgarage band

graceful English

Swedishbehagfull, sirlig, graciös, smäcker, smidig