half past four

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Swedish: halv fem

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half past four English

Swedishhalv fem

half past ... English

Swedishhalv ...

half past ten English

Swedishhalv elva

half past English


half past seven English

Swedishhalv åtta

half past three English

Spanishlas tres y media

half past twelve English

Swedishhalv ett

half past eleven English

Swedishhalv tolv

half sister English


halvfast ost Danish

Czechsýr holandského typu
Dutchhalfharde kaas
Englishsemi-soft cheese
Finnishpuolipehmeä juusto
Frenchfromage à pâte demi-dure
Greekημίσκληρo τυρί
Hungarianféllágy sajt
Italianformaggio a pasta semimorbida
Latvianpusmīkstais siers
Polishser półtwardy
Portuguesequeijo de pasta semidura
Slovenianpoltrdi sir
Spanishqueso de pasta semidura
Swedishhalvhård ost

halv syster Swedish


half-sister English

Swedishhalvsyster, halv syster

half sole English


halfsister English