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Swedish: tvekade

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hesitated English


hesitate English

Swedishtveka, vara tveksam

hesitating English


hesitation English

Swedishtvekan, villrådighet

hektot Swedish


häktad Swedish

Englishin custody, jailed

högtiden Swedish

Frenchla fête
Germandie Feier

he studies English

Swedishhan läser, han studerar

högtider Swedish

Frenchfètes, fêtes

högtid Swedish

Englishfestival, feast
Frenchun fête

he estado Spanish

Swedishjag har varit

ha estado Spanish

Swedishhon har varit

háztetö Hungarian


hejda i tid Swedish


högstadie Swedish

Englishsecondary level

högstadiet Swedish

Englishsecondary school, senior school, middle school, comprehensive school
Frenchle collège, le collége
Spanishla Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, la Educacion Secundaria

high tide English


hostia tío Spanish

Swedishmen vad sjutton

ha god tid Norwegian

Germanviel Zeit haben