hon chattar

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Spanish: chatea

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hon chattar Swedish


hon satt Swedish

Englishshe was sitting

hon sitter Swedish

Spanishesta, está sentada

han satt Swedish

Germaner hat gesessen

han stannar Swedish

Germaner bleibt
Spanishse detiene

honkatten Swedish

Germandie Katze

han sitter Swedish

Spanishsentado, esta, está sentado

hon straffar Swedish

Frenchelle punit

honkatt Swedish

Englishfemale cat

hans dotter Swedish

Frenchsa fille
Spanishsu hija

hän soittaa Finnish

Swedishhan ringer

hon åkte Swedish

Englishshe went

hon stannade Swedish

Germansie ist geblieben

hon studerar Swedish

Englishshe is studying

hankatt Swedish


hon måste Swedish

Germansie muss
Spanishtiene que

han straffar Swedish

Frenchil punit

hankatten Swedish

Germander Kater

hon ska äta Swedish

Frenchelle va manger

han skjuter Swedish


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