icke-mousserande vin

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English: still wine, German: Stillwein, French: vin tranquille, Spanish: vino no espumoso, Italian: vino tranquillo, Greek: μη αφρώδης oίvoς, Czech: nešumivé víno

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icke-mousserande vin Swedish

Czechnešumivé víno
Danishstille vin
Dutchstille wijn
Englishstill wine
Finnishkuohumaton viini
Frenchvin tranquille
Greekμη αφρώδης oίvoς
Hungariancsendes bor
Italianvino tranquillo
Latviannegāzētais vīns
Polishwino ciche
Portuguesevinho não espumante
Slovenianmirno vino
Spanishvino no espumoso