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English: furious, vicious, waspish, fierce, angry, in a temper, Spanish: furioso, Slovenian: húd

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ilsken Swedish

Englishfurious, vicious, waspish, fierce, angry, in a temper

ilskan Swedish

Englishthe anger
Frenchla colère
Germander Ärger, die Wut

ils ont French

Swedishde har, dom har

i halsen Swedish

Frenchá la gorge

ils sont French

Swedishde är

ilusión Spanish


illusion English


il cane Italian


illusion Swedish


i helgen Swedish

Germanam Wochenende
Spanisheste fin de semana

il centro Italian


ils aiment French

Swedishde älskar

ilsamtal Swedish

Englishexpress call

il conto Italian

Swedishnotan, räkningen

ils meurent French

Germansie sterben

ils ont eu French

Swedishde har haft

ils mangent French

Germansie essen

il s'endort French

Swedishhan somnar

ils mettent French

Swedishde behöver

il cinema Italian

Swedishbio, bion

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