komma tillbaka

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English: reappear, return, German: zurückkehren, French: rentrer, retourner, Spanish: volver, Italian: tornare, ritornare

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komma tillbaka Swedish

Englishreappear, return
Frenchrentrer, retourner
Italiantornare, ritornare

kom tillbaka Swedish

Englishcome again, come back, returned

komma till sak Swedish

Spanishir al grano

komme tilbake Norwegian


komma till Swedish

Englisharrive at, get to, reach, arrive in, come about
Frenchatteindre, aborder

komma till saken Swedish

Englishget down to business, cut to the chase

komma till ro Swedish

Englishsettle in

komma tillbaka med Swedish


komme til aa Norwegian


komma till final Swedish

Englishreach the final

komma till slut Swedish

Englishend up

komma till skolan Swedish

Englishget to school

komma till rätta Swedish

Englishsettle in, synch in, turn up

kom till Swedish


komme til å Norwegian