on tiptoe

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Swedish: på tå

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on tiptoe English

Swedishpå tå

on top of English

Swedishovanpå, längst upp på

on top English

Swedishovanpå, upptill

on top off English

Swedishuppe på, ovansidan

on the phone English

Swedishi telefon, upptagen på telefon

on the bus English

Swedishpå bussen

on the prowl English

Swedishpå jakt

omtvistad Swedish

Englishmoot, contentious, disputed

on the block English

Swedishi kvarteret

on the beach English

Swedishpå stranden

omtvistlig Swedish


omedvetna Swedish


on the back English

Swedishpå baksidan, bakpå, där bak

oomtvistlig Swedish


omedvetet Swedish

Germanunbewusst, unterbewusst

omutbar Swedish


oundviklig Swedish

Englishinevitably, unavoidable

omedveten Swedish

Englishunconscious, unaware, oblivious

on the verge English

Swedishpå gränsen