polluted area

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German: verseuchtes Gebiet, French: zone polluée, Spanish: zona contaminada, Italian: zona inquinata, Greek: μoλυσμέvη ζώvη, Czech: znečištěná oblast

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polluted area English

Czechznečištěná oblast
Danishforurenet område
Dutchverontreinigd gebied
Finnishsaastunut alue
Frenchzone polluée
Germanverseuchtes Gebiet
Greekμoλυσμέvη ζώvη
Hungarianszennyezett terület
Italianzona inquinata
Latvianpiesārņotais rajons
Polishobszar skażony
Portuguesezona poluída
Slovenianonesnaženo območje
Spanishzona contaminada
Swedishförorenat område

polluted soil English

Swedishförorenad jord

polluted English