ser twarogowy

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English: fresh cheese, German: Frischkäse, French: fromage frais, Spanish: queso fresco, Italian: formaggio fresco, Greek: vωπό τυρί, Czech: čerstvý sýr

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ser twarogowy Polish

Czechčerstvý sýr
Danishfrisk ost
Dutchverse kaas
Englishfresh cheese
Frenchfromage frais
Greekvωπό τυρί
Hungarianfriss sajt
Italianformaggio fresco
Latviannenogatavināts siers
Portuguesequeijo fresco
Slovenianmladi sir
Spanishqueso fresco

ser twardy Polish

Czechtvrdý sýr
Danishfast ost
Dutchharde kaas
Englishhard cheese
Finnishkova juusto
Frenchfromage à pâte dure
Greekσκληρό τυρί
Hungariankemény sajt
Italianformaggio a pasta dura
Latviancietais siers
Portuguesequeijo de pasta dura
Sloveniantrdi sir
Spanishqueso de pasta dura