strefa tropikalna

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English: tropical zone, German: tropische Zone, French: zone tropicale, Spanish: zona tropical, Italian: zona tropicale, Greek: τρoπική ζώvη, Czech: tropické pásmo

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strefa tropikalna Polish

Czechtropické pásmo
Danishtropisk zone
Dutchtropische zone
Englishtropical zone
Finnishtrooppinen vyöhyke
Frenchzone tropicale
Germantropische Zone
Greekτρoπική ζώvη
Hungariantrópusi övezet
Italianzona tropicale
Latviantropu josla
Portuguesezona tropical
Sloveniantropski pas
Spanishzona tropical
Swedishtropisk zon

strefa zimna Polish

Czechstudené pásmo
Danishkold zone
Dutchkoude zone
Englishfrigid zone
Finnishkylmä vyöhyke
Frenchzone froide
Greekψυχρή ζώvη
Hungarianhideg övezet
Italianzona fredda
Latvianpolārā josla
Portuguesezona fria
Slovenianmrzli pas
Spanishzona fría
Swedishkall zon