svaigas zivis

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English: fresh fish, German: Frischfisch, French: poisson frais, Spanish: pescado fresco, Italian: pesce fresco, Greek: vωπό ψάρι, Czech: čerstvá ryba

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svaigas zivis Latvian

Czechčerstvá ryba
Danishfersk fisk
Dutchverse vis
Englishfresh fish
Finnishtuore kala
Frenchpoisson frais
Greekvωπό ψάρι
Hungarianfriss hal
Italianpesce fresco
Polishryba świeża
Portuguesepeixe fresco
Sloveniansveža riba
Spanishpescado fresco
Swedishfärsk fisk

svaiga gaļa Latvian

Czechčerstvé maso
Danishfersk kød
Dutchvers vlees
Englishfresh meat
Finnishtuore liha
Frenchviande fraîche
Greekvωπό κρέας
Hungarianfriss hús
Italiancarne fresca
Polishmięso świeże
Portuguesecarne fresca
Sloveniansveže meso
Spanishcarne fresca
Swedishfärskt kött