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English: open market, German: freier Devisenmarkt, French: marché libre, Spanish: mercado libre, Italian: mercato libero, Greek: ελεύθερη αγoρά, Czech: volný trh

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szabadpiac Hungarian

Czechvolný trh
Danishfrit marked
Dutchvrije markt
Englishopen market
Finnishvapaat markkinat
Frenchmarché libre
Germanfreier Devisenmarkt
Greekελεύθερη αγoρά
Italianmercato libero
Latvianbrīvais tirgus
Polishrynek walutowy wolny
Portuguesemercado livre
Slovenianprosti trg
Spanishmercado libre
Swedishöppen marknad

syfta på Swedish

Englishrefer to, getting at
Frenchfaire allusion à

sveda av Swedish


scuba diving English

Swedishdykning med lufttuber, dyka med tuber, sportdykning, dykning

speedboat English


scuba diver English

Swedishdykare, sportdykare