trappa upp

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English: escalate

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trappa upp Swedish


trava upp Swedish

Englishpile, pile up

trappavsats Swedish


trappavsatts Swedish


trava fram Swedish

Englishtrot up

tripp over English

Swedishsnubbla över, springa omkull

tropefrugt Danish

Czechtropické ovoce
Dutchtropische vruchten
Englishtropical fruit
Finnishtrooppinen hedelmä
Frenchfruit tropical
Germantropische Frucht
Greekτρoπικός καρπός
Hungariantrópusi gyümölcs
Italianfrutto tropicale
Latviantropu auglis
Polishowoce tropikalne
Portuguesefruto tropical
Sloveniantropski sadež
Spanishfruto tropical
Swedishtropisk frukt

träffa på Swedish

Englishrun into, encounter, come across, bump into

trappuppgång Swedish


trip over English

Swedishfalla omkull, falla, snubbla över

tropeplante Danish

Czechtropická rostlina
Dutchtropisch gewas
Englishtropical plant
Finnishtrooppinen kasvi
Frenchplante tropicale
Germantropische Pflanze
Greekτρoπικό φυτό
Hungariantrópusi növény
Italianpianta tropicale
Latviantropu augs
Polishroślina tropikalna
Portugueseplanta tropical
Sloveniantropska rastlina
Spanishplanta tropical
Swedishtropisk växt