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English: tropical wood, German: Tropenholz, French: bois tropical, Spanish: madera tropical, Italian: legno tropicale, Greek: τρoπική ξυλεία, Czech: tropické dřevo

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trooppinen puu Finnish

Czechtropické dřevo
Danishtropisk træ
Dutchtropisch hout
Englishtropical wood
Frenchbois tropical
Greekτρoπική ξυλεία
Hungariantrópusi fa
Italianlegno tropicale
Latviantropu koks
Polishdrewno tropikalne
Portuguesemadeira tropical
Sloveniantropski les
Spanishmadera tropical
Swedishtropiskt trä

trooppinen tauti Finnish

Czechtropická nemoc
Dutchtropische ziekte
Englishtropical disease
Frenchmaladie tropicale
Greekτρoπική vόσoς
Hungariantrópusi betegség
Italianmalattia tropicale
Latviantropiska slimība
Polishchoroba tropikalna
Portuguesedoença tropical
Sloveniantropska bolezen
Spanishenfermedad tropical
Swedishtropisk sjukdom

trooppinen kasvi Finnish

Czechtropická rostlina
Dutchtropisch gewas
Englishtropical plant
Frenchplante tropicale
Germantropische Pflanze
Greekτρoπικό φυτό
Hungariantrópusi növény
Italianpianta tropicale
Latviantropu augs
Polishroślina tropikalna
Portugueseplanta tropical
Sloveniantropska rastlina
Spanishplanta tropical
Swedishtropisk växt

trooppinen metsä Finnish

Czechtropický les
Danishtropisk skov
Dutchtropisch regenwoud
Englishtropical forest
Frenchforêt tropicale
Germantropischer Regenwald
Greekτρoπικό δάσoς
Hungariantrópusi erdő
Italianforesta tropicale
Latviantropu mežs
Polishlas tropikalny
Portuguesefloresta tropical
Sloveniantropski gozd
Spanishbosque tropical
Swedishtropisk skog

trooppinen viljely Finnish

Czechtropické zemědělství
Danishtropisk planteavl
Dutchteelt van tropisch gewas
Englishtropical agriculture
Frenchculture tropicale
Greekκαλλιέργεια τρoπικώv φυτώv
Hungariantrópusi mezőgazdaság
Italiancoltura tropicale
Latviantropu lauksaimniecība
Polishuprawa roślin tropikalnych
Portuguesecultura tropical
Sloveniantropsko kmetijstvo
Spanishcultivo tropical
Swedishodling av tropiska växter