un bar

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Swedish: en bar

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un bar Spanish

Swedishen bar

unbar English


un parc French

Swedishen park

une barbe French

Swedishett skägg

un brazo Spanish

Swedishen arm, arm

unborn English

Swedishkommande, ofödda

unfair English

Swedishorättvis, orättvist, otättvis

umber English


uniform Swedish


un abrazo Spanish

Swedishen kram

unbarred English


unbrace English

Germannicht gefesselt

un perro Spanish

Germanein Hund
Swedishen hund

un parque Spanish

Swedishen park

una birra Italian

Swedishen öl

unfroh German


un barista Italian

Swedishen bartender

un bureau French

Swedishett skrivbord

un verre French

Swedishett glas

une peur French


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