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un caffe Italian

Swedishen kaffe

un cafè French

Swedishett cafè

un café French

Swedishett café

um café Portuguese

Germanein Kaffee

un cobarde Spanish

Swedishen fegis

une jupe French

Swedishen tröja

una cabra Spanish

Swedishen get

un sofá Spanish

Swedishen soffa

une copie French


unshaven English


un copain French

Swedishen kompis, en killkompis

unusable English


unshaved English


uncover English

Swedishfå veta, avtäcka, blotta

un coiffeur French

Swedishen frisör

un zapato Spanish

Swedishen sko

unsauber German


una cobaya Spanish

Swedishett marsvin

unzip English

Swedishdra ner dragkedjan, packa upp, dra upp

un caballo Spanish

Swedishen häst

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