un chalé

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Swedish: en villa

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un chale Spanish

Swedishen villa

un chalè Spanish

Swedishen villa

un chalé Spanish

Swedishen villa

uncle Swedish

Englishfarbror, morbror

uncle English

Swedishfarbror, morbror, onkel

une chaleur French

Englisha heat

un color Spanish

Swedishen färg

umschalten German


un collier French

Swedishett halsband, ett halsband

un colon French


un clavier French

Swedishett tagentbord

unusal English


un salon French

Swedishett vardagsrum, en salong

un kilo French

Swedishett kilo

uncoil English

Swedishräta ut sig

unequaled English


une glace French

Swedishen glass

unusual English

Swedishovanlig, osedvanlig, ovanligt

una calva Spanish

Englisha bald patch

un éclair French

Swedishen blixt

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