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un frère French

Swedishen bror

une ferme French

Swedishen bondgård

unfreeze English

Swedishtina upp

un père French

Swedishen pappa

un verre French

Swedishett glas

una fresa Spanish

Swedishen jordgubbe

un bar Spanish

Swedishen bar

unafraid English


un parc French

Swedishen park

una pera Spanish

Swedishett päron

un premio Spanish

Swedishett pris

unbarred English


unfroh German


unbrace English

Germannicht gefesselt

un parque Spanish

Swedishen park

unbroke English

Germannicht pleite

un puerto Spanish

Swedishen hamn

un perro Spanish

Germanein Hund
Swedishen hund

un pierna Spanish

Swedishett ben

un brazo Spanish

Swedishen arm, arm

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