un frangin

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Swedish: en bror, en brorsa

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un frangin French

Swedishen bror, en brorsa

une frangine French

Swedishen syrra

unafraid English


unfair English

Swedishorättvis, orättvist, otättvis

un brazo Spanish

Swedishen arm, arm

umbringen German


un fratello Italian

Swedishen bror

un frère French

Swedishen bror

un premio Spanish

Swedishett pris

une fraise French

Swedishen jordgubbe, jordgubbe

un par un French

Swedishen och en

unburned English


unfairly English


une prune French

Swedishett plommon

un versión Spanish

Swedishen tolkning

una fresa Spanish

Swedishen jordgubbe

une framboise French

Swedishett hallon, hallon

un parapluie French

Swedishett paraply

un parque Spanish

Swedishen park

una farmacia Italian

Swedishett apotek

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