un pasto

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Swedish: en måltid

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un pasto Italian

Swedishen måltid

un piso Spanish

Swedishen lägenhet

una pasta Italian

Swedishen bakelse

un pastel Spanish


un país Spanish

Swedishett land

un paysan French

Swedishen bonde

un beso Spanish


un pajaro Spanish

Swedishen fågel

un pezzo Italian

Swedishen bit

un pais Spanish

Swedishett land

una pista Spanish

Swedishen landningsbana, en ledtråd, ledtråd

un poco Spanish

Swedishlite, något, lite, något, lite grann, lite grand

un bacio Italian

Swedishen kyss

un pays French

Swedishett land

un paysage French

Germaneine Landschaft

unbiased English


un basset French

Swedishen tax

unpack English

Swedishpacka upp

un pistolet French

Swedishen pistol

un pescado Spanish

Swedishen fisk

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