un point

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Swedish: punkt slut

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un point French

Swedishpunkt slut

un pont French

Englisha bridge

un vin French

Swedishett vin

un panino Italian

Swedishett franskbröd

un puente Spanish

Swedishen bro

unbind English


unbound English

Swedishfri, obunden

un panier French

Swedishen korg

un avion French

Swedishett flygplan

une pomme French

Swedishett äpple

unbent English


une fin French

Swedishett slut

un avenir French

Swedishen framtid

un bambino Italian

Englisha boy
Swedishen liten pojke

uneven English

Swedishojämn, knagglig

un abonné French

Swedishen prenumerant

una panza Spanish

Englisha beer belly

unbending English


una fuente Spanish

Swedishen fontän

unbend English

Swedishräta, slappna av, tina upp

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