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Swedish: en stil

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un style French

Swedishen stil

un stylo French

Swedishen kulspetspenna, en bläckpenna

un site French

Englisha place, a site

unsettle English

Swedishförvirra, förvira

unstrap English

Swedishspänna loss, knyta loss, lossa

unsaddle English


un estuche Spanish

Swedishett pennfodral, ett etui

unustas Estonian

Swedishkomma av sig

un giude French

Germanein Reiseführer, ein Fremdenführer

unsettled English


ungtupp Swedish


un CD Spanish

Swedishen CD

un citron French

Swedishen citron

un CD French

Swedishen CD

un chat French

Swedishen katt

un gato Spanish

Swedishen katt

un gatto Italian

Swedishen katt

unasked English


unseated English


unsteady English


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