una falda

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Swedish: en kjol

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una falda Spanish

Swedishen kjol

una pelada Spanish

Englisha bald patch

una flor Spanish

Swedishen blomma

unfold English

Swedishutveckla, utveckla sig, veckla ut sig, veckla ut

une balle French

Swedishen boll

une fille French

Swedishen flicka, en tjej

un fils French

Swedishen son

una peluca Spanish

Englisha wig

un fil French

Swedishen tråd

Unfall German


une fleur French

Swedishen blomma

un bledo Spanish

Swedishett dugg, ett vitten

un polar French

Swedishen deckare

unbuild English


un plan French

Swedishen karta

un bollo Spanish

Swedishen bulle

une ville French

Swedishen stad

un bol French

Swedishen skål

un ballon French

Swedishen boll, fotboll

una bolsita Spanish

Swedishen liten påse

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