una sandalía

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una sandalía Spanish

Swedishen sandal

une sandale French

Swedishen sandal

una semana Spanish

Swedishen vecka

une sonnerie French

Swedishen ringsignal

una cama Spanish

Swedishen säng

una iguana Spanish

Swedishen leguan, en ödla

una cancion Spanish

Swedishen sång

una cánula Spanish

Swedishen kanyl

un canard French

Swedishen anka

una camisa Spanish

Swedishen skjorta

ung man Swedish


un gant French

Swedishen handske

un agenda French

Swedishen loggbok

une agneau French

Swedishett lamm

una cameriera Italian

Swedishen servitris

un sinfín Spanish


un cane Italian

Swedishen hund

unsinkable English


una goma Spanish

Swedishett suddgummi

una cómoda Spanish

Swedishen byrå

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