una silla

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Swedish: en stol

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una silla Spanish

Swedishen stol

una isla Spanish

Swedishen ö

un sillon Spanish

Swedishen fåtölj

una calva Spanish

Englisha bald patch

un kilo French

Swedishett kilo

uneasily English

Swedishoroligt, otroligt, ängsligt, svårt

un salon French

Swedishett vardagsrum, en salong

un slip French

Swedishen trosa

un sillón Spanish

Swedishen fåtölj

unia celna Polish

Czechcelní unie
Englishcustoms union
Frenchunion douanière
Greekτελωvειακή έvωση
Italianunione doganale
Latvianmuitas savienība
Portugueseunião aduaneira
Sloveniancarinska unija
Spanishunión aduanera

una escuela Spanish

Swedishen skola

un colon French


une salade French

Swedishen sallad

un gallina Spanish

Swedishen fegis

un color Spanish

Swedishen färg

una iglesia Spanish

Swedishen kyrka

una culebra Spanish

Swedishen orm

un saludo Spanish

Swedishen hälsning

umgälla Swedish

Englishatone for

un chale Spanish

Swedishen villa

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