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English: elude, escape, Spanish: escapar, Latin: evadere, evasi

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undkomma Swedish

Englishelude, escape
Latinevadere, evasi

undos English


undici Italian

Swedishelva, 11

und so was German

Swedishoch sånt, typ

und zwar German

Swedishnärmare bestämt

undgå Swedish

Englishevade, avoid

undskyld Danish


undsätta Swedish

Englishsuccour, succor

una tazza Italian

Swedishen kopp

un taxi French

Germanein Taxi

untested English

Swedishinte testad

un tigre French

Swedishen tiger

undismayed English


un tigre Spanish

Swedishen tiger

un atajo Spanish

Swedishen genväg

un disco Spanish

Swedishen grammofonskiva

Und Sie? German

DutchEn u?
Spanish¿Y tú?

undisputed English


un étage French

Germanein Stockwerk, eine Etage
Swedishen våning

un dixième French

Swedishen tiondel

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