une voiture

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Swedish: en bil

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une voiture French

Swedishen bil

une fête French

Swedishen fest

une bêtise French

Swedishen dumhet, ett fån

unavoidable English


un padre Italian

Swedishen pappa

un footing French

Swedishen joggning

una bota Spanish

Swedishen stövel

una foto Spanish

Swedishett foto

un fête French


un batido Spanish

Swedishen milkshake

una botella Spanish

Swedishen flaska

unfettered English


un patata Spanish

Swedishen potatis

una patata Spanish

Swedishen potatis

un patois French


un habitante Spanish

Swedishen invånare

unfit English

Swedishdålig kondition

un bateau French

Swedishen båt

unavoidably English